Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Atlantic Ocean

 The water sparkles like a bazillion diamonds stretched across the Atlantic ocean. Small waves gently lap the shore line, following one another in measured distance, like a chorus line of dancers, precise and dainty. Tourists are exploring the sands for shells and fossil shark teeth. Once in a  while, someone finds a treasure and you can see their excitement.
  I have been on the beach in Manila, but somehow it was not the same, maybe because at ground level the view is less expansive than sitting her on a balcony fifteen stories up in our hotel.  The ocean extends as far as the eye can see, meeting the sky in the distance. makes me feel very small, like one grain of sand.
  This is only day one of our adventure, we will be out exploring the area later today. will try and keep you posted.
  I did not realize the ocean had its own sound, like a constant roar, and the birds add their musical notes too. There is an aroma, but not one I can describe, fresh and clean, nothing bad, much different than the scents of the mountains.
 As we neared the beach yesterday, the changes were evident. From Pine trees to Palm trees, and other trees hanging with grey swags of moss, much different than a few miles ago.
  It's always fun to see new things and learn  more about our beautiful world.

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